BNW Industries

Founded in 1992 by Dr. Nicholas Adamson, BNW (Brave New World) Industries is a genetics research/pharmaceutical corporation. Between 1992 and 2000, BNW Industries remained fairly low-key, with only a breakthrough in disease-resistant, high-yield wheat and rice design standing out as fairly noteworthy. In 2000, BNW Industries unveiled a new process, called Cellustim, or more commonly, “therapeutic cloning,” in which the body’s healing process was improved and accelerated, to the point of patients with missing limbs growing replacements. For this, Adamson was awarded the Nobel Prize for Medicine. In 2003, an improved version of Cellustim was debuted, allowing the growth of replacement internal organs.

Little was heard from BNW Industries after this, with Adamson becoming famous (or infamous) as a recluse, giving only infrequent interviews and then only via video conference. Most of the day-to-day of running BNW is handled by Adamson’s primary assistant, Rene Thorn.

In 2009, BNW Industries again made news with the release of Decelleroxyn, an “anti-aging” drug which showed strong success against Alzheimer’s Disease. While Decelleroxyn could not fill in gaps in gray matter created by the disease, it could halt the progression of the disease. Adamson is currently working on an improved formula that he hopes will allow the afflicted brain to heal.

During an interview, an off-hand remark by Adamson compared Decelleroxyn to the Biblical Fruit of Knowledge. This, coupled with his arrogance and a perception that he is “playing God” led to the formation of the Anti-Cloning Creationist League, or the ACCL, a right-wing fundamentalist Christian organization which has opposed Adamson’s work as “ungodly” or “hubristic,” mostly via pickets, petitions, and boycotts.

However, a sub-set of the ACCL broke away from the main group to form the Righteous Against Genetic Engineering, or RAGE, which was willing to commit terrorist acts in opposition to Adamson’s work, including firebombing a subsidiary lab, mailing death threats to scientists working for BNW and damaging shipments of equipment bound for the BNW building.

BNW Industries

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