Rene Thorn

An extremely attractive young woman of Eurasian descent, Rene Thorn handles most of the day-to-day of running BNW Industries.


STR 20
CON 25
SIZ 14
INT 12
POW 10
DEX 18
APP 14

HP 19
DB +1D6

Weapons: Spiked Tentacle 65%, dmg 1d8+DB; Gaping Maw, 35%, dmg 2d8+DB

Skills: Appear Normal 60%, Persuade 75%, Computer Use 60%


Rene Thorn’s mind was destroyed when Lepidus enacted a mental transfer with her. Her body and mind were rebuilt using Yithian biotechnology, turning her into a bioconstruct programmed to defend Nicholas Adamson…and eliminate him when he ceases to be useful to the Triumvirate.

When threatened, Rene’s body splits lengthwise from collarbone to navel, revealing a gaping, fang-filled maw crammed with rigid, spiny tentacles. She collapses backwards, crawling crab-like, and her head twists 180 degrees.

Rene Thorn

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