Dr. Nicholas Adamson


Name: Dr. Nicholas David Adamson, M.D., M.S., P.h.D.

Date of Birth: October 11th, 1931 (age 80/81 at the time campaign takes place)

Occupation: Geneticist/Pharmacologist/Businessman

Affiliations: BNW Industries (Founder, CEO), Trailblazers Enterprises (Founder, CEO; shadow corporation operating within BNW Industries), The Triumvirate (unwitting tool)

Mental Disorders: Megalomania/hubris or Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Pathological fear of his own mortality.

Appearance: 5’10” tall, 175 lbs., gray eyes, silver hair hanging down to shoulder length and a neatly trimmed silver beard. Wears rectangular-lens glasses for reading, and favors dark gray or blue tailored business suits. Always impeccably neat in his appearance – favors a pair of cufflinks made from glass cut from flasks used in the Miller-Urey experiments. Appears twenty years younger than he actually is due to good diet, an exercise regimen, and regular injections of enzyme compounds of his own design. Replaced his pancreas two years ago with a cloned duplicate, as well as his left eye.

Personality: In a word, cold. Adamson is exceedingly arrogant and prideful, considering himself above the rest of humanity and the laws of civilization. What he wants, he simply buys – and if it is not for sale, he takes it anyways, greasing the right palms to ensure his status as the “rightful” owner. After all, his advancements in the fields of genetic engineering and pharmacology have saved millions of lives – doesn’t the rest of the world owe him for that? He speaks quietly and almost emotionlessly when calm, and only rarely allows any irritation or displeasure to reflect itself in his face or voice.

What he knows: Adamson is perhaps the world’s leading authority on genetic engineering and its use in pharmacology. He has developed the medical science known as “therapeutic cloning,” growing replacement limbs or organs from the patient’s own cells to replace damaged originals.

Adamson has been approached twice by a representative of the Triumvirate; both individuals, despite being different bodies, were the mind of Lepidus. While Adamson is not aware that the same “entity” approached him twice, he has deduced quite readily that Lepidus represents a decidedly non-human investor, which swells Adamson’s hubris further.

The first meeting, in late 2009, established friendly relations, and Lepidus presented Adamson with general ideas of bioweapons desired, pricing was discussed, and Lepidus granted Adamson a small vial containing a sample of the volatile mutagen (some would say teratogen) known as the Milk of Shub-Niggurath. As far as Adamson is concerned, the substance is “Archaeoplasm,” the “primordial soup” from which life originally arose, and it is the presence of this substance that has convinced Adamson of his “guest’s” non-terrene origins.

The second meeting, in late 2011, was to approve designs on Adamson’s bioweapons – creatures codenamed [[Project: Ifrit]] (a stealthy killer combining primarily hyena and insectivorous bat DNA) and [[Project: Marid]] (grotesque, eel-like creatures). In addition to the agreed-upon payment, Lepidus granted to Adamson two more vials – one containing a powerful chemical compound that disrupts cell membranes, labeled “Cellular Solvent” the other a transgenic growth enzyme labeled “Cellular Accelerator.”

During this time, however, Adamson has not been passive in regards his interesting “client.” Research and inquiry brought Adamson to a copy of Von Junzt’s Nameless Cults, in the 1845 Bridewell English edition (Adamson has little talent for languages, and no patience to learn German).

Adamson suspects (incorrectly) that Lepidus is an emissary of what Von Junzt terms “the Space Devils,” a race from the stars that has colonized small outposts on Earth, mostly in out-of-the-way areas where they will not be disturbed. These Space Devils are allegedly brilliant scientists, especially in the fields of biological and neurological manipulation.

Also in Nameless Cults, Adamson read of the Dream Drug, known as Liao, and its fabulous ability to let the user remember past lives. While Adamson is skeptical of this reincarnate ability, he does suspect the drug can act as a memory enhancer, to the point that the user creates artificial memories based on information stored deep in the brain, convincing themselves they are remembering past lives, rather than “remembering” fantasies drawn from the subject’s own experiences, real or vicarious (i.e., to “remember” a past life in Rome one would need to have read about Rome at some point). Unfortunately, the mistranslations and deletions in the Bridewell edition prevent Adamson from creating the Dream Drug, and his efforts to find the information have thusfar met with no success.

Dr. Nicholas Adamson

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